There are so many ways to get what you need without spending money. Trading isn’t just for baseball cards anymore. We all are looking for ways to cut costs, and trading favors is fun! Don’t miss out on these fun (and thrifty) opportunities.

Can’t afford a product or service from a local establishment? Need a sitter on a day you have job interviews scheduled?  For local service-related businesses and shops, ask if they need help with their website or social media pages. Offer to sweep their parking lot, or hand out flyers to promote their business. Check out their social media pages to see what they need. If you’re handy and they’re asking their followers for painter or plumber recommendations, offer your assistance in exchange for something they provide. If you have children in day care or school, talk to parents and find out what they need, too.

Get creative and you’ll find like-minded frugal people!

Some real-life examples:

  • Cat-sitting in exchange for laptop repairs.
  • Website design in exchange for moving truck and labor.
  • Accounting services in exchange for chiropractic adjustments.
  • Business-related books offered to a used book store in exchange for autobiographies and non-fiction books.

It’s all a matter of trading favors and items, or providing a service to someone in need. Once people realize the value you can provide, other interesting offers will come pouring in.

Once you meet people in the same mindset and really get to know them, you won’t even be trading as much as helping others (and then asking others for help when YOU need it). No one’s keeping score when it’s a solid relationship.

Hate going to the laundromat? We’re friends now; just bring your laundry over to my house and we’ll visit while you do your laundry here. Would you like a glass of wine?

Everybody wins!