There are so many discounts and freebies waiting for college students! Whether you’ve started your journey in higher education right out of high school, or you’re a non-traditional student, your .edu email address can score you some sweet discounts.

Apple partners with most large universities and colleges which translates to major savings on computers, MacBooks, iPads, and even, in some cases, phones. Check with your school’s bookstore for details or visit Apple’s website. Your university more than likely also has a literal treasure trove of free or low-cost computer software and programs available to students. While most of the programs will be the education-specific editions, you’ll still be able to do almost everything you could on the “regular” editions and for far less money. Moreover, check with your school’s IT department; since you’re probably getting free wifi for your laptop, phone, and tablets on campus, it’s likely that they’re providing you antivirus and malware protection as a free download.

One of the best all-around savings opportunities for college students is a significant discount on Amazon Prime memberships. Signing up with your school-affiliated email address is an immediate money saver because, for $49/year (50% off, normally $99/year), you’ll receive all the benefits of the regular Prime membership, including free, two-day shipping, Amazon Streaming, exclusive student-only discounts, and more. Order your textbooks through the site, and you’ll be close to recouping the original cost of your investment pretty quickly. It’s worth noting, that Amazon often offers a free trial period to Student Prime, too. Visit Amazon’s Student Prime site for more details.

All of these discounts add up to more money in your pocket, but it’s also worth staying in the know about opportunities for free and low-cost entertainment at your school, as well. Most universities have a main portal that includes a calendar listing upcoming events, entertainment, and lectures. Often, school-sponsored events will include free food or merchandise giveaways as an incentive to boost attendance. It’s a lot easier to pay attention to lecture on farming innovations in 17th century France if you get a couple of free cookies. Your student ID also will probably earn you a healthy discount on concerts your school is hosting. Check the website a few days before (or the day of) and you’ll probably find incredibly cheap tickets. You’re also more than likely eligible for discounted tickets for your school’s athletic teams, too.

Lastly, your surrounding community probably has a host of student discounts available. Local museums and cultural attractions are often incredibly inexpensive (or even free) for students, and most restaurants and bars in your school’s town will have specials for students, too — and with all this saving, you’ll be able to join your friends for Dollar Draft Night.