You might be entitled to more than a paycheck at your job. Many employers have benefits offered to them by vendors who want to reward business loyalty (and gain new customers). Usually someone in the Human Resources Department is your best bet for finding out what cool things you can get. But, for some other tips, you may need to ask around.

Examples of freebies and discounts you might be eligible to receive:

  • Discounts on computer purchases, free mental health services, gym memberships and other wellness programs;
  • Employee discounts on cell phones and/or cell phone subscriptions, free upgrades for bank accounts (free checks, free overdraft protection, lower interest rates on loans, no minimum balance/no cost savings accounts, or other items reserved for the more upscale banking customers);
  • Free or discounted tickets to sporting events or concerts, and free parking or public transportation;
  • Some employers provide interest-free loans for purchases that benefit you and the company; for example, if you work for a gas company, they may provide interest-free loans for gas appliances, and you repay the loan with automatic payroll deductions;
  • Some companies want you available to work after hours, so they may even provide loans for new computer purchases, or allow you to expense your monthly rate for cell phone or internet;
  • Retail employers may offer an employee discount on your purchases at their establishments, and even discounts for friends and family members;
  • Does your company frequently use a caterer for meetings?  If so, ask the caterer if they offer any discounts for employees.
  • Is a vendor or client giving box seats to a hockey game to your boss? Tickets to a musical? Let coworkers, managers, etc. know you’d be interested, even if it’s just to fill in for a last-minute cancellation. Sometimes their assistants have a lot of influence over who receives these gifts, so stay on their good side.

Not every example listed is available everywhere, but even if you can snag one or two freebies, it can save you money over time.