Almost nothing is as terrifying as the thought of losing your home. You shouldn’t measure your worth based on your possessions.  But sometimes bad things happen, and you find yourself REALLY struggling to find affordable housing or keep your family in a home. You are not alone. Thankfully, there may be grants, programs, and resources available for you to get much-needed assistance.

Let’s run through some examples of situations that might be like yours.

Is your family in a dire emergency, such as facing eviction or foreclosure, and needs a place to stay immediately?

In over your head with bills and don’t see any way to ever catch up on rent?

Feeling like there’s nowhere to turn?

Low income AND disabled?  This can seem like the most daunting situation, so let’s run through a real-life example of Jamie, a young man who is in this very situation:  Diane, age 63, has a son Jamie who is confined to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy and its many complications. Jamie lives in group housing, in an apartment, and has a caretaker who looks after him and his roommate. Jamie has an accessible van pick him up and drive him to his volunteer job every other day. Jamie frequently gets seizures and infections, so he often has to stay in the hospital to recover.  Diane desperately wants to get Jamie into his own house in a nearby town, because it’s closer to his family and the hospital. She worries about Jamie having family nearby to look after him in the event she passes away. The only problem is that Jamie is low-income and disabled, and homes in his price range (even with his mom’s help) are rough fixer-uppers, and to make everything wheelchair accessible causes the projected expenses to skyrocket way out of reach. There are programs that can help Jamie get housing assistance, as well as home modifications that he needs to live independently.

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.
If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

– Thich Nhat Hanh


There’s also help for seniors, vets, and families, including free legal aid.

But where do I find this information, and why don’t I know about it already?

The internet has a wealth of information on how to get support in times of need. It’s always wise to check official state, federal, and local programs, as well as private organizations — but for a large collection of information, with many resources and situations all in one place, you can go to websites like the ones linked here, for a large collection of resources, guidance, and information all in one place, to find family resources or low income housing help.

We all go through hardships and sometimes feel like giving up. But, chances are there is some help for you, if you know where to look.