You’ve scrimped and saved and lived within your budget. You’ve met your savings obligation and you should rightly pat yourself on the back. Until the inevitable happens — a major appliance (washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, water heater etc.) breaks down and can’t be repaired. It is unavoidable and happens to everyone.

You perform your due diligence and compare brands while looking for sales and bargains. You arrive at a solution and make your purchase. But, your decision isn’t over yet. Do you purchase an extended warranty for your new appliance? Your frugal side tells you that you haven’t budgeted for the added expense, but your practical side contemplates future problems and having them repaired easily and at no expense.

But is an extended warranty worth the additional cost? Probably Not! (Keep reading, we have a solution that is!)

A factory warranty from the manufacturer will cover the first year of problems. Extended warranties can be purchased in tiers covering up to the next three years. According to experts, most appliances won’t start to break down until well after the extended warranty. In fact, warranties are considered cash cows in retail and the profit margin for the retailer is much more than they make on the actual appliance transaction.

A Home Warranty, like Choice Home Warranty, is the best alternative. Home Warranties cover all the major systems in your home. If something breaks down (even in the middle of the night!), just call their 24/7 claims hotline and Choice Home Warranty will dispatch a local, licensed and insured technician to service your claim. The best part is, if the covered item is beyond repair, Choice Home Warranty will replace it! Also, for a limited time, Choice Home Warranty is offering your first month free!

Check out Choice Home Warranty today before a major appliance in your home breaks down.