Happy Cyber Monday! It’s less than a month until Christmas, and there’s so much shopping to do!

To kick off the season of giving, we’ve put together a list of bargains to give the pet lover in your life (or maybe that person is you)!

Shelter dogs in a photo booth is the subject of this calendar, and it shows how many wonderful companions can be found via rescue. Proceeds from the book sales benefit charity, too! And, don’t worry, all these pups found wonderful homes.

Art + Cats + Fashion: These gorgeous scarves are a great conversation starter! Be prepared for lots of compliments whether you gift one or keep it for yourself!

This art book featuring a “fat” cat model is a fantastic gift! (We say he’s not fat– he’s just fluffy!)

Kids and adults will love these adorable night lights, and the price is fantastic!

These dog coasters have a grippy, rubbery texture that is functional — and the designs are super-cute!

You can never go wrong with a mug as a gift! This one is one of our favorites! Fill it with tea bags, honey sticks, or hot cocoa mix. The recipient will always think of you when they drink from this mug!

This keepsake box is a perfect little gift for the dog lover in your life!

Tell everyone how you feel with this vintage dog sign!

Sometimes there are odors that come along with sharing a home with pets. These candles are designed to eliminate the bad smells and replace them with good ones. They are sold in veterinarian offices, but you can find them online for a lower price. You’ll see after clicking through the scents that some are less costly than others. It’s easy to shop frugally here!

Not sure which fragrance you’ll like? You can try smaller sample sizes first, or use these as stocking stuffers! These little versions are still effective at eliminating pet odors, and they also work for smoke and cooking odors, too! You can try 3-packs or 10-packs!

For that loved one who has a menagerie of dogs, what better way to show their diversity and awesomeness than with this adorable welcome mat?

For a beautiful custom “pet family” portrait in cartoon form, there’s nothing more original and thoughtful than the creations of Yasmine Surovec. She has the famous Cat Vs. Human comic website, as well as books of her comics (and obviously, she loves cats!). But the crème de la crème of her artwork is her custom portraits! With the digital art orders, we can add angel wings and halos onto the cats and dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It’s so beautiful and sweet that it makes us tear up. What a wonderful way to honor our fur babies. And what a lovely gift for that animal lover in your life! See your choices here: http://catversushuman.bigcartel.com/