If you like drinking bottled water every day, it’s not exactly frugal. Those recommended eight glasses per day would cost you under a dollar for a year if you drank water that came from your faucet, compared to over one thousand dollars for a year’s worth of bottled water! That’s a big difference!

Besides the fact that bottled water is expensive, many brands are just filtered municipal water. The other downside is how much energy (millions of barrels of oil annually) is used to make those bottles, and how few of the bottles are recycled.

If you drink bottled water because you like the taste or worry that tap water isn’t pure enough, there are some frugal alternatives.

A faucet mounted water filter is small, affordable and the replacement filters are also inexpensive. You can choose when to filter water for your drink and then turn it off when you’re washing your hands or rinsing dishes.


A water filtering pitcher is another very affordable option. Just fill it with cold tap water, store it in the fridge and the water is filtered when you pour it into a glass or reusable water bottle.


Another option that costs a little more initially but can handle larger volumes of water for families is a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Some include a special faucet and a filter system that fits under the sink cabinet. Other systems are larger and can treat everything in the house, and those cost much more.

Any of these options will help reduce waste and still provide great tasting water. If you do the math, it just doesn’t make sense to buy bottled water when so many great alternatives are out there.

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