You can certainly save money by going out less and staying home more often, but many folks use that as a justification to go crazy on their cable bill. They justify adding tiers of service and movie/sports packages as saving money opposed to going out. But at the end of each month, the sticker shock of a maxed out cable bill erases any savings. Sure, they get you with that low introductory rate, but that year passes by fast, and soon you’re paying as much as three times that first rate. As cable companies continue to consolidate, it becomes more difficult to shop around and find a competitor. In the end, even though your intentions were good, you find yourself falling behind on your cable bill.

But there is hope. There are now more alternatives to cable programming than ever.

  • Subscription services such as Hulu, NetFlix as well as premium channels such as HBO and Starz are now available on an individual, cafeteria-style basis and most are $10 per month.
  • To access these subscription channels, you will need a media streamer. Streaming media devices allow you to move these channels from a smartphone, tablet, or computer to your television set.  Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV or Amazon Fire incur a one-time charge and allow you to watch any subscribed service through your television.
  • If you still prefer local channels for your news and network shows, all broadcast TV networks are required to broadcast in digital, therefore, they are available over the air simply by using a TV antenna. In fact, today’s antennas offer a better picture than cable, and their one-time cost ranging from $30 – $100 make them huge money savers.

Living without cable television will also force you to do things like read, have conversations, and go outside. Win/win.

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