Someone once said the reward for a long life well-lived is a wealth of experiences.  But, those experiences shouldn’t cost full price for those of us who are 55 and older.

The “typical” age-based discount is a thing of the past, most likely because the older American of today is anything but typical. We’re living longer, and – in many ways, we’re living better – than our parents or grandparents. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to save money where we can, and Doc Frugal has you covered with this intro to discounts for those 55+.  These aren’t your Grandma’s discounts either, friends, so settle in and let’s save some money.

Your membership in the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a good place to start when it comes to saving money.  Beginning at age 50, individuals – and their spouses of any age – can join, and AARP often runs promotions offering significant savings on the association’s dues.  The size of AARP’s membership makes them attractive to companies, so it’s no surprise that they’re able to offer a large and varied number of discounts to members, and the savings can be significant, and even the “small savings” membership will earn make the cost of joining essentially free. Whether you’re looking to save on casual or fine dining, or even just in the mood for a quick bite, AARP members will save, save, save.  Qualifying AARP members can also get their income taxes prepared for free, or file for free, which can save hundreds of dollars a year!

You can find plenty of other opportunities to save after age 55 on your own, too.  Most restaurant chains offer either a discount or free items for older patrons.  Arby’s, KFC, and Wendy’s all offer a percentage off your total all day/every day.  It’s best to visit the company website before your visit, since some offers are only good on certain days or at certain times.  Long John Silver’s, for instance, has rotating specials throughout the week.  Saving money always requires doing a little homework first, and quickly checking the website should be your first step – regardless of your age.

Life isn’t only about just eating, though.  National retailers like Michaels, Hallmark, Dress Barn, and T.J. Maxx all have age-based discount programs but you’ll have to do your research since each is offered on a specific day of the week.  Drug store chains like Walgreens and Rite Aid also offer weekly savings on merchandise, as well as specific savings on prescription drugs. In the case of Walgreens, these discounts are tied to enrollment in their shopper’s program, so “stacking” coupons + weekly sales + extra discount = BIG savings.

And speaking of coupons, many grocery stores offer age-based discount shopping, too – both Kroger and Fred Meyer offer extra saving to customers over a certain age on specific days of the week.  You’ll want to check the website or ask your local store’s management team for specifics.

The savings don’t stop there, either; every major domestic airline, hotel chain, and car rental company offer discounts based on age. Hyatt Hotels, in particular, offer a 20% to 50% discount for guests over age 62 – which could make your stay at their properties something like a BOGO.  Amusement parks and movie theaters also offer generous discounts for older customers.  But you have to know about these discounts – and you have to ask for them.