For women over age 55, there are a surprising number of ways you can save money and look your best by slightly tweaking your make-up routine. Like Dolly Parton’s character Truvy in Steel Magnolias said, “Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin’ across your face.”

Thankfully, there are simple and inexpensive tricks to help.

It’s worth it to take a visit to your local beauty counter or beauty super-store and ask for a consultation. While these are usually free, be aware of the potential for up-selling – which is reasonable, given the fact that your consultant likely works on a commission.  But it’s also reasonable for you to ask, “Which of these products do you consider to be essential?” Remember: you aren’t obligated to buy anything during the consultation, but small splurges can be good for the soul. Most of the large beauty brands offer age-based discounts, so do your homework and hit their website before your visit. That expensive moisturizer is much cheaper at 20-35% off, so make sure you’re aware of the discounts you’re entitled to – and you ask for them. Often, you can request trial or sample sizes – which should be free (or low-cost).  These will allow you to use the product for a few days at home to see if it really delivers all that it promises. More importantly, pay attention to the products your consultant recommends. You can probably find similar products in the drug store for less money. There is no proof that the most expensive moisturizers are any better than the cheaper ones.

Be aware, too, that as we age, our skin gets drier and less supple – but that we’re also less prone to break-outs (yay!). The changes in your skin might also mean a change in the foundation you’re using. You may find that a lighter formula won’t settle into wrinkles and you can even mix a little daytime moisturizer with foundation in your hand before applying for a lighter and less “made-up” look. Eyelashes and brows thin out, as well, so you may need to buy a thickening mascara, or a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas. As the natural lip line begins to fade and lipstick can feather into wrinkles, you may want to try a lip primer, or a natural shade of lip liner before applying lipstick. Blue-based red shades will make your teeth appear whiter, as will gentle at-home teeth whitening strips or a whitening toothpaste. For eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick, look for matte vs. shimmery products. If your hair is starting to thin, you can switch to a lighter conditioner that won’t weigh hair down, or even use a temporary or semi-permanent at home hair color that will coat the strands and make them appear thicker and shinier.

In surveys, most women over age 50 say they are more content with their lives and have gained confidence. They don’t feel the need to impress and please everyone as much as they used to in younger days.

The most important beauty tip: Be kind to yourself! You’re beautiful.