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Body and Soul

Cheap Natural DIY Hair Care

Why pay for hair products full of harsh chemicals when you can make your own? Here are some natural remedies that you can do at home that are cheap, easy, and healthy for your hair! As mentioned in our previous…

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Big Savings at Movie Theaters

Lights! Camera! Save! Everybody enjoys going to the movies. What most people don’t enjoy, however, is the rising cost. Every year, box office prices and the cost of theater snacks increase. By the end of the night, it’s easy for…

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Don't Ignore Product Reviews

Online shopping is fun and easy. It’s also easy to be impulsive and buy things you can’t afford or don’t really need  If you aren’t shopping for absolute necessities...

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Savings at the Pump - are you getting the most of your mileage?

Gasoline Prices and Fuel Economy The price of gasoline is a sore spot for most families and regardless of today’s price, the overall trend has always been upward. Whether...